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In 1984, Rowland appeared in the episode "Cash" of The Young Ones.In 1994, Rivron appeared in the BBC children's science programme Cats' Eyes.He also presented the video to promote One Foot in the Grave for the title of BBC Britain's Best Sitcom in 2004.Rivron acted as a team captain on Question of TV on BBC One, and was a panellist on the first episode of Shooting Stars on BBC Two.After joining the mass protest, he explained: "It's not really needed...

Rowland Rivron presented the comedy BBC Radio 2 shows Jammin' & Radio Rivron, and starred in the Channel 5 programme Trust Me - I'm A Holiday Rep.The DNA in your genome is organized into 22 pairs of chromosomes, a pair of sex chromosomes (two X, or an X and a Y), and your mitochondrial DNA.The main view of the Browse Raw Data tool shows a pictorial display of each chromosome.In 2012, Rowland was a contestant on Let's Dance for Sport Relief with his take on the Fatboy Slim music video Weapon of Choice, winning his heat and going straight through to the live final on Sport Relief, which he went on to win on 17 March 2012.On 1 December 2012, he took part in an episode of Pointless Celebrities on BBC One, as well as a Sport Relief special on 21 March 2014 paired with Mark Durden-Smith.

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Rivron played the comic character "Dr Martin Scrote" on the Jonathan Ross chat show The Last Resort, the later appeared on Night Network's Bunker Show.

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